Human Resources @ Naprod

Human Resource is our STRENGTH …..We feel Pride in nurturing it.

Value based and cultured environment gives each employee an enriching working experience with some of the BEST IN CLASS HR practices and policies

HR@NAPROD works on a varied organization as well as employee development areas. Employees are being treated as “Value Contributors” right from their Hiring Process. We nurture our internal talent as well through UDAAN for upcoming job opportunities. Our signature On-boarding program of 100 Days – JUMP, gives an experiential learning for new joinee to settle quickly within the organization. HR team works as Business Partner to ensure HR Priorities are getting aligned with Business Priorities.

Our focus is on creating Safe and Secure inclusive work environment, Acquiring Talent, Organizational Development, Building Performance Culture, Partnering with Business in creating Organizational Readiness for the future, Talent development and Employee Engagement. We have also extended ourselves to reach out to our valued customers through our regular Customer engagement & Feedback initiatives throughout the year.

Fun @ Naprod

When it comes to FUN and Celebrations, We do it differently to ensure element of Engagement & Self Reflection is experienced through those joyful moments. Festivals, Monthly Birthday Celebrations, Celebrating Success of Project Completions, Outdoor Picnics and the most awaited Annual Event “URJAA” are some of the HAPPINESS UNLIMITED moments.

What drives our everyday actions


Standards of Leadership


Growth Mindset


Customer Focus


Bias for Action


Building Talent & Teams
Our Values

Our values are the principles that we use to run the Company on a daily basis. They are so important that they are the source of our entire Code — a sort of ethical backbone. They are clear and simple. Our values are the foundation of everything we do and they are:

  • Respect for all
  • Being transparent & fair in all our dealings
  • Being unconventional & entrepreneurial in our approach
  • Giving equal opportunity to our employees for career advancement
  • Promoting apolitical work place
  • Zero tolerance to unfair/unethical professional/personal conduct and business practices
  • Zealous adhere to rigorous workplace health and safety norms all our employees and surrounding environment irrespective of the location

At NMM, we are the proud stewards of an ever-evolving legacy that has grown over the years. The experience & thoughts of our employees over the years has led to the creation of a culture that is focused on learning, innovation and values. These values determine our day-to-day work-lives and govern every decision that we make. At NMM, our values make us who we are. Therefore, each one of us is responsible for continuing and enhancing this culture.

We act with integrity, fairness and transparency in all our day to day functioning at NMM to provide world-class solutions to the challenges faced by our stakeholders. All of our core values are embodied in our Code of Conduct.

This Code is a set of guideline based on which NMM employees can take ethical decision in everyday functioning. If NMM employees feel that certain elements in the present code are ambiguous and need clarity or there are certain more elements that are to be added, then the suggestions of NMM employees are welcome and appreciated. The responsibility of ensuring that the Code is adhered to and that any violations are brought forward lies with each one of us. So, you play a vital role in helping us be the organization that never compromises on its values.

We have multiple channels by which you can raise any concern; such as Hassle Log, Lakshya, etc. Use these forums to report integrity concerns, resting assured that our culture and values will ensure that you will not be retaliated against when you raise concerns in good faith.

With this Code, we believe that we have set our path within a strong framework in which we can find and define our individual contributions and purpose. Along this journey, we will keep the legacy alive and live our culture, thereby guiding the transformation of our clients’ businesses and ours, on the foundation of our values.

6 Reasons why Naprod is a cool place to work

- “Maintain work life balance”

- “Nurture the core value in which we believe”

- “Identifying the potential and developing the talents”

- “Celebrate the festivals and occasions”

- “Business is ultimately about people and we can't be effective in business without having key insight from the people”

- “We believe in giving back to the society”

Fun @ Naprod
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  • Independence day celebration
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Job Openings
Project Head

Independently working on Need Identification, Project Conceptualization along with overall Design and execution level working.

Quality Head

Day to day management and continuous improvement of QA/QC, sets quality strategy and priorities in the line with global strategy, communicates with authorities.