In keeping with our philosophy of knowledge-led growth, we have invested in a state-of-the-art R & D facility.

Our research team has highly qualified scientists with doctoral experience from leading universities / institutions engaged in drug delivery systems, process development and analytical research.

Our R&D focus primarily on activities :

  • To develop injectable lyophilized technology and bioequivalent generics meeting global regulatory requirements.

  • Process improvement of contract manufactured molecules.

  • Process optimization and improvement.

  • Research related to in-house production of APIs, formulations, etc.

  • To provide ‘incremental innovation’ for existing products i.e. to look for new indications, to develop innovative, therapeutically beneficial formulations to extend the product life and the market segment.

We have achieved significant success in the following thrust areas:
Formulation Development

Our pharmaceutical products research team offers a portfolio of differentiated drugs and we have the ability to handle multiple dosage forms such as:

Solid dosage pharmaceutical products (capsules,tablets );
Injectables (sterile solutions and anticancer injectables);
Lyophilized pharmaceutical products (including lyophilized cytotoxic injectables);

We have in-house capability to develop a wide range of dosage forms. Like solid orals, we have the capabilities to develop injectables, liquids and lyophilized.

Our injectable portfolio includes oncologyinjectables,Anesthetics, steroids, and on development level emulsions, Micro-emulsion,suspensions.

With a portfolio of more than 500 products for various markets, the development team has vertically integrated operations for greater control: patent navigation, process development, scaling-up, tech-transfer, manufacturing finished formulations, registrations and supply chain management.

Naprod development arm has dedicated teams of highly qualified scientists working on development and registration of generic products as well as brands.

Intellectual Property Management

We have been a leading generator of intellectual property in the Indian pharmaceutical industry. The IPM department supports development of patent applications, files patents, supports the development of patent applications and identifies potential new products and markets for APIs and formulations besides supporting research activities. Intellectual Property Management (IPM) department comprise of qualified and experienced personnel to support its operations. Beside supported by IPR consultant.

  • Analytical Development

    Analytical Development, Process Optimisations/Stability studies, Analytical Validations and Physicochemical Characterisation studies of APIs and Drug Products are conducted by the Analytical Research unit, which has state-of–the-art facilities and equipment.

While we are focussed on result-oriented research, we are committed in all respects to the highest levels of safety, environmental awareness and ethics.