• Our values

    Our values guide our people in the judgments, decisions and actions they take every day. They underpin everything we say and do.

  • Integrity

    We are committed to integrity because it creates our reputation, so we never compromise on it. It defines how we behave, wherever we are. It guides us to do the right thing for the long-term success of Naprod.

  • Respect

    We are committed to respect because people should be treated with dignity, honesty and fairness. We celebrate the diversity of people, and we respect people for who they are and what they bring.

  • Responsibility

    We are committed to responsibility because we want to take care of our consumers, customers and employees, as well as the environment and the communities in which we operate. We take this personally and always do what we say we will do.

  • Pioneering

    We are committed to the pioneering spirit because it created us and still drives us as a business. It gives us the passion for winning and for creating a better future. It means that we are always willing to take intelligent risks.

What drives our everyday actions
  • Standards of Leadership

    Standards of Leadership are behaviours we expect to see in our employees. They drive our performance and culture.

  • Growth Mindset

    This is competitive leadership. It’s a positive, yet realistic attitude about the company’s future. It’s a passion for winning.

  • Customer Focus

    This is purpose-driven leadership. It is externally focused on customers.

  • Bias For Action

    This is action-driven leadership. It’s a sense of urgency in decision-making. It is thoughtful action, intelligent risk-taking.

  • Building Talent & Teams

    This is people-driven leadership. It’s investing in people’s development. It is building teams that pull together to win.



Diversity at Naprod is about inclusion, embracing differences, creating possibilities and growing together for better business performance.

Naprod is committed to becoming a truly diverse and inclusive company. This is not only just the right thing to do, it’s crucial to helping us reach our target of doubling the size of our business while reducing our environmental impact.

To deliver these business goals, it is vital we have people with the right talent, skills and creativity.

Creating an inclusive environment that enables all individuals to perform to their full potential, irrespective of who they are, will help us win equitably and sustainably.

We embrace diversity in our workforce. This means giving full and fair consideration to all applicants and continuing development of all employees regardless of gender, nationality, race, creed, disability, style or sexuality.

Our commitment is set out in our Code of Business Principles.