healthWe have put ‘better healthcare’ for employees at the center of our approach. We believe that our programs and services are the first few steps of the journey to a better health care experience.


benefitsWhen it comes to our benefits and perks, we have everything you’d expect from any company, like health insurance, health check-ups and so on. But we also offer way more than the basics.

Our benefits are part of who we are, and they’re designed to take care of the whole you and keep you healthy, whether physically, emotionally, financially or socially.

“Sahayog se Sahakarya” – our theme

sahyogWe at Naprod believes that it is always a real pleasure working in an organization where people enjoy each other, where they enthusiastically cooperate around the work tasks and around problem-solving, and where people sincerely recognize each other for their special contributions to the group’s success. Satisfaction and happiness go hand-in-hand with improved performance.

As we strongly follow the theme of “Sahayog se Sahakarya” and the below core values:

  • Respect for All.
  • Being transparent and fair in all our dealings.
  • Being unconventional and entrepreneurial in our approach.
  • Giving equal opportunities to our employees for career advancement.
  • Promoting apolitical work place.
  • Zero tolerance to unfair/ unethical professional/ personal conduct and business practices.
  • Zealously adhere to rigorous workplace health and safety norms for all our employees and surrounding environment irrespective of their locations.
Monthly E-News Letter – Auxilium

We roll out e-newsletters as written way of communicating to our Naprodians as they keep our business top of their mind with the clients and potential customers. Our newsletter conveys a particular message and spreads it to all people of the entire group in the quickest time possible.

Employee Grievance is of paramount importance at Naprod Group:

We provides a grievance procedure to promote prompt and responsible resolution of issues raised by staff and administrators. This procedure may be used freely without fear of retaliation, and the Office of Human Resources is all time available to assist throughout the procedure.